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Jeffrey Allison
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Workplace Gossip

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Workplace gossip can be a scary thing to go through and do as you try to read between lie and fact. Then someone thinking they have the power to act upon a lie that might be and is spread through gossip down right terrifying as the witch trial goes on or judge, jury, and executioner happens. What is work place gossip and how does it effect freedom of speech an American’s first amendment. Let us see what we can find as one of the main is searching the internet for legal help.

According to some it gets more and more dangerous as it creates a field of backstabbing environment that becomes unbearable and makes the job to hard. It begins to lower morale and makes them more likely to have higher turnover rates. This is horrible on a business working in a company where your are less likely to survive. It places the business in a place where it has a competitive disadvantage. It is disruptive to productivity and many other things. What most would say is try to put a stop to it before it starts by calmly and respectfully telling the to stop before it turns to you. Try to approach them before it becomes a dysfunctional worksite. Let human resources in on what’s going on.

While I always love to say do not show control. This becomes a form of it and like most harassments it is bullying none the less. When i was a supervisor in Miami I experienced this situation where a young adult was recruited to gang violence from gossip. He was told it would make him stronger and better to the outside as a form of standing up. In the end it had costed him his job, forced the company to terminate him on the grounds of violence. He was a good skilled worker in the end the saddest thing had happened. If he would just let Human resources, the manger or another supervisor in it would have been handled differently. Now a good example of disruptive and turnover rate. I had left that company a few months later on…

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