The Fire Spirit

Jeffrey Allison
2 min readAug 5, 2023

Jasmyn Fuego

The journey to become a Tanzanite was hard and rough amongst all. The shining gem that stood above the top of the pillar and shined through the tribe casting shade in the desert. Surrounded by the yucca brevifolia that created a burnt oasis around the heated valley in the rocks. The yucca brevifolia was a tree long like a cactus with green on top like a pineapple. While the sand whipped the air.

“Through, the heat I will make it as the sun burns hot.” She declared to the tribe.

The Burma Rubies surround outside the mountains. In the lands that no water found. Between them and the oasis. The next where the Jadeite survived in the cool breeze next to the ocean. She was enjoying the Jerusalem thorn while they thought about the journey ahead. The yellow and red combination was relaxing as she moved towards the shade. Her fox Fennec didn’t stop smiling ready for the journey ahead of them.

Fennec Fox

“Under the flame of the blue light in the sky through the fire rock.” The Chief smiled.

The speech went away from her ears as he went on. She knew her challenges and journey ahead of her. The tribe knew more now, too. She was prepared to go and fight for their well-being. She remembered being fresh, being ready and being young. To complete the journey with fennec was all she thought of. Her powers to comfort her. The sand whipping against her naked torso. She was ready to bathe. Fennec was already swimming.

“What to do, what to do?” She smiled.

“Woof.” Fennec agreed.

Her peeper was around the corner enjoying the wonder of her beauty.His robe almost undone. She hollered for him in. The snake was looking upon her. She stared back with shame. He was sent away from her sight!



Jeffrey Allison

Grew up in Oregon on the bay where I learn to live to write and read poetry where it ventured off into more story telling and how I got the chance to adventure.