Pointing in our Life

Jeffrey Allison
2 min readFeb 3

The Sheriff’s Night Ride

The air was eerie for Elena as she drove around. The finger and phone call non-stop in her mind. She could still feel the chill in the air from that. It was almost time to leave the office and do some rounds. While she was getting into the squad car she couldn’t help, but notice she wasn’t alone in her world. What was creeping around she couldn’t help, but wonder. A small squeak happened as she shut and locked the door. She was alone and the day was running behind in her mind. It was time to sped up and go. There it was again. She had to go out and look, but there was…

Jeffrey Allison

Grew up in Oregon on the bay where I learn to live to write and read poetry where it ventured off into more story telling and how I got the chance to adventure.