From Seeking Sand

Jeffrey Allison
2 min readMar 24, 2023

While it Rises

Photo by zelle duda on Unsplash

The oasis was clear while he fly over it, just a normal day. The wings glistened over the water. A site to be seen among the fowl and crows. The scavengers looked from a far. The crows looked ashamed of the bird she was different from the rest. They sought difference in her, to find out what, she went for the long flight. When she past the Joshua trees the sent the smoke out of exile. They surprised herself upon the sand dunes, her had disappeared into it. They chased the phoenix away until she crashed into the sinking sand. While she was sinking she felt fear like no other. Her thoughts running out of control in his head. a fire under her skin the can’t be quenched. She was unable to stand as her flesh tore from the splitting sand and her feathers dropped beneath the earth.

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“Ah.” She screamed out of control.

Jayla was ready for almost anything, but this was a sad disgrace what they done to her. Now the sand showing power over her naked torn flesh. It was unbearable. Her bird human form fighting, gasping to breath, was to much on her.

“You’ll make it!” The night spirit told her.

She was almost gone from it. The moment she noticed she had to run. She felt like she was escaping she tried to morph back into a phoenix. it turned out to be a weak and worthless, but beautiful transformation. She headed to the dunes to hide near the tunnel the spirit was in the back behind unable it seemed to keep up.

Photo by Christina Deravedisian on Unsplash

“Rest, easy there is a cure to what may hurt you. Your skin will be restored. Your feathers upon you a new. There is a journey ahead and not an easy one in front of you.” The Moon Spirit cried.

It was deathly cold outside as the night grew high. The moon and night spirit dancing side by side. They use to war on who owned the night in the hidden side of where you are.



Jeffrey Allison

Grew up in Oregon on the bay where I learn to live to write and read poetry where it ventured off into more story telling and how I got the chance to adventure.